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Camping Four Days Marches Nijmegen
4Daagse ©WildeBrazz

Camping Four Days Marches Nijmegen

  • Sports
  • Event
  • Festival
26 November 2019
1 minutes

Camping Four Days Marches Nijmegen

How about combining your camping holiday with a real work-out and the largest festival in the Netherlands?

The 104th Four Days Marches (Vierdaagse) will be held from 21-24 July 2020 in and around Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 50.000 participants from over 70 countries will walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometres for four consecutive days. Each day the route is different and meandering though the pretty wooded, hilly and agricultural landscapes of the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Brabant and Limburg. The finish is on St Anna Street in Nijmegen, which for this event is renamed to Via Gladiola where -if completed the full distance- participants traditionally receive flowers (gladiolas) from their loved ones and the Four Days Cross (Vierdaagse kruisje) from the organization.

During this week the Vierdaagsefeesten are held with artists and musicians from all over the world gathering in the city centre of Nijmegen to perform and entertain. In 2019 more than 1.5 million people visited one or more of the festival days to enjoy the buzz and listen to an open-air rock concerts, watch the fireworks on the Waalkade or participate in Pink Wednesday advocating acceptance and diversity. For kids there’s a special kids-walk (2-3km) through the city centre of Nijmegen including famous spots like Kronenburgpark.

Full information is available on the official website of the Nijmegen International Four Day Marches. It will publish more detailed information mid-January 2020.

Pop-up campings! Only open during the festival week!

Vierdaagse camping Vossendijk (9.5 score / 5 Reviews) in Nijmegen. The camping is located in a sub-urb of Nijmegen (6km from the start) and has a temp bus-stop that brings participants to/from start/finish.

Vierdaagse camping Slapen bij Herman (9.4 / 4 Reviews) in Milsbeek 

Vierdaagse camping De Grote Kat (9.7 score / 10 Reviews) in Ooij

Vierdaagse camping Malden (9.2 score / 34 Reviews) in Malden

The camping is 5km (10m by bike) from Nijmegen city centre and the Goffertpark. It also opens on the weekends that Paul McCartney (29 May 2020) and Rammstein (24 June 2020) perform at the Goffertpark.

Vierdaagse camping Waalcamping (8.8 score / 7 Reviews) in Nijmegen

Vierdaagse camping Weurt (8.3 score / 20 Reviews) in Weurt

Vierdaagse Camping City Camp Nyma in Nijmegen

Top 3 campings Nijmegen we recommend all season round

Camping De Oude Molen (8.2 score / 331 Reviews) in Groesbeek

Camping Heumens Bos (7.8 score / 172 Reviews) in Heumen which offers a large swimming pool.

Camping De Groote Flierenberg (8.8 score / 109 Reviews) in Berg en Dal

See all campings around Nijmegen.

Explore Nijmegen

Before or after the marching days or if you're there to support or party with some time to kill...explore the many shops, boutiques, hip bars and cool restaurants that Nijmegen has to offer. Here's a few we spotted last year:

Premium Supply Store, Houtstraat 17

Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel, Gebroeders van Limburgplein 7

Cafe Credible, Hertogstraat 1

Cafe Vlaams Arsenaal 1824, Arsenaalpoort 1

Strik Patisserie, Ziekerstraat 124

Cappello Hoedenspeciaalzaak, Houtstraat 28