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Camping Giro d'Italia 2020
Dumoulin - Winner 2017 JetCamp

Camping Giro d'Italia 2020

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20 November 2019
1 minutes

Giro d'Italia 2020. Top campings along each stage.

The hunt for the pink jersey (maglia rosa) will be on again from the 9th of May 2020 and the 3 weeks thereafter. The 2020 Giro has a total of 21 stages, three individual time trials, six sprint stages, 7 stages of medium difficulty and 5 high mountain stages. Riders will cover some 45.000 height meters and have to master 7 uphill finishes. So it’s going to a tough race in which especially the third week is packed with monster stages. The 2020 route is 3,580km long and visits Hungary, France, Sicily and the mainland of Italy from south to north. 

The 2020 Giro d'Italia will begin on Saturday 9 May 2020 with a "Grande Partenza" from the capital of Hungary Budapest and will end on Sunday 31 May in Milan. Contenders for the 2020 pink jersey for sure are Nibali (going for a hat-trick), Carapaz, Bardet, Dumoulin and Sagan (making his debut!).  

Giro d’Italia 2020| Day to day route, stages | Recommended campings in Hungary, Sicily and mainland Italy.

Stage 1 | Saturday 9 May | Budapest – Budapest (individual time trial) | 8,6km

A test against time. An individual 8.6km time trial in the fascinating Hungarian capital up to the Royal Palace, located on Buda hill.

For day 1 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Arena Budapest (9.0 score / 1158 reviews) a bit east of the city centre.

Stage 2 | Sunday 10 May | Budapest – Gyor | 195km

With a only a little bit of uphill this stage will most probably end with a peloton sprint. The climbs in this stage: Svábvár (in Carpathian Mountains), Gorba-tető, the Abbey of Pannonhalma. 

For day 2 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Fényes Fürdő (8.4 score / 662 Reviews) in in Tata. 

Stage 3 | Monday 11 May | Szekesfehevar – Veszprém – Tapolca - Nagykanizsa | 204km

Flatter than flat. The 3rd stage of this Giro d’Italia runs along the northern shores of Lake Balaton. 

For day 3 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Füred – Balatontourist (8.2 score / 1504 Reviews) in Balatonfüred.

Stage 4 | Tuesday 12 May | Monreale – Palermo - Campofelice di Fitalia – San Giovanni Gemini - Agrigento | 136km

The first stage on Italian soil starts in Monreale (famous for its cathedral) close to Palermo. The peloton traverses Sicily from north to south. A bit of a hilly race with Lercara Friddi being the village with the highest altitude (672m)

For day 4 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Valle Dei Templi (8.0 score / 391 Reviews) in Agrigento. 

Stage 5 | Wednesday 13 May | Enna - Paternó – Belpasso - Etna/Piano Provenzana | 150km

The 5th stage of this Giro is also the 1st high altitude finish, an 18km climb from Linguaglossa (average gradient of 6.8%) on the flanks of Mount Etna.

For day 5 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Lido Camping Paradise (7.7 score / 420 Reviews) in Letojanni. 

Stage 6 | Thursday 14 May | Catania – Acireale – Portella Mandrazzi - Villafrenca Tirrena | 138km

This stage starts right on the Mediterranean coast and once the Etna is out of sight the route turns inland towards Portella Mandrazzi to finish in Villafrenca not far from Messina where the riders will cross the Messina channel into Calabria. 

For day 6 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Glamping Alcantara (8.8 score / 30 Reviews) in Motta Camastra near Taormina. Pretty safari tents next to a very refreshing water park.

Stage 7 | Friday 15 May | Mileto – Vibo Valentina – Catanzaro – Cosenza - Camigliatello Silano | 223km

The Giro has arrived in Calabria. The Sila mountain range is on the agenda for today as well as the pretty student town of Cosenza.  Climbs/mountains in this stage: Monte Trearie and the Válico di Montescuro.

For day 7 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Calabrisella (8.6 score / 209 Reviews) in Villaggio le Roccelle.

Stage 8 | Saturday 16 May | Castrovillari – Policoro – Tarento – Francaville - Brindisi | 216km

The 8th stage on the Giro d'Italia is a rather flat one, mostly along the Golfo di Tarento, with some great stretches of white sand beach in sight. Past the port town of Tarento the peloton crosses the Tavoliere di Lecce to finish downtown Brindisi.

For day 8 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Pilone (8.2 / 1211 Reviews) right on the beach near Ostuni.

Stage 9 | Sunday 17 May | Giovinazzo – Trani - Barletta – Manfredonia – Monte Sant’Angelo - Vieste | 198km

The Puglia stage! One packed with history and Unesco sites with the Adriatic Sea as a close companion.  A flat first part and some bigger hills in the 2nd part of the day when the giro enters the Gargano promontory. Just before the whitewashed village of Vieste the riders face a 13km loop climbing the Via Saragat.

For day 9 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Villaggio Baia Degli Aranci (8.3 score / 450 Reviews) in Vieste.

Stage 10 | Tuesday 19 May | San Salvo – Chieti - Tortoreto Lido | 212km

After the Monday rest day riders pick up the pace again and head towards Pescara. Another +200km race with some climbs at the end (to the old town of Tortoreto) and a finish in the beach resort with the same name.

For day 10 and 11 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Salinello Camping Village (8.6 score / 1355 Reviews) in Tortoreto Lido

Stage 11 | Wednesday 20 May | Porto San’Elpidio – Fano – Pesaro - Rimini | 181km

Stage 11 starts in Porto Sant'Elpidio and then heads north, once again along the Adriatic coast and with an almost certain sprint finish in the resort town of Rimini. With Monte San Bartolo (167m) around the 112km mark as highest point of the day.

For day 12 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Riccione (8.6 score / 752 Reviews) in the fine beach town of Riccione. 

Stage 12 | Thursday 21 May | Cesenatico – Cesenatico | 205km

Today’s race is mostly mountains including the Nove Colli (Gran Fondo). Once back in Cesenatico the gentlemen will have covered 3700 height meters. Today’s route is a large loop including the following climbs: Ciola, Barbotto, Perticara, Madonna di Pugliano and Passo del Siepi. 

For day 13 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Villaggio Rubicone (8.9 score / 1036 Reviews)

Stage 13 | Friday 22 May | Cervia – Ravenna – Rovigo - Monselice | 190km

Traversing the Po plains, the riders prepare for a finale in the picturesque and volcanic Colli Euganei. This area is dotted with Terme (spa cities) such as Montegrotto and Terme Galzignano Terme. Climbs in this stage include: Passo Roverello and Calaone.

For day 14 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Serenissima (8.2 score / 616 Reviews) in Oriago di Mira.

Stage 14 | Saturday 23 May | Conegliano – Pieve di Soligo - Valdobbiadene (individual time trial) | 33,7km

Also called the “Prosecco Superiore Wine stage”, a time trial in the Treviso hills including a 1km climb at a 12% gradient called Muro di Ca’del Poggio. The hills of Presecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene in which winemakers have been making sparkling white wine since the 17th century, is an Unesco world-heritage site. 

For day 15 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Village Lago Arsiè (8.0 score / 437 Reviews) which rents superb safari tents in a mountainous scenery.

Stage 15 | Sunday 24 May | Rivolto – Piancavallo | 183km

The last day of the second week. Today ends with a healthy 15km (7%) climb from Aviano to the mountainbike and ski-resort of Piancavallo (also called the Pantani climb). The peloton starts at the Base Aerea with a tribute to the Frecce Tricolori flyers. Climbs in this stage include the Sella Chianzutan and Forcella di Pala Barzana.

For day 16 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Sarathei (8.5 score / 872 Reviews) in Farra d’Alpago.

Stage 16 | Tuesday 26 May | Udine – San Daniele del Friuli | 228km

After a welcome rest-day the riders start to prepare for some real mountains.  The historic city of Udine is the décor for the 16th start this Giro. Today’s distance tops the 225km mark. Parts of the race borders to Slovenia. Climbs today include: Madonnina del Domm,  Monte Spig and Monteaperta and 3 times the Monte di Ragogna (better known as the Ragogna wall).

For day 17 and 18 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Lago 3 Comuni (8.7 score / 598 Reviews) in Alesso on pretty Lago di Cavazzo.

Stage 17 | Wednesday 27 May | Bassano del Grappa – Madonna Di Campiglio | 202km

Today ends with a summit finish in famous ski-resort of Madonna di Campiglio. Bassano is a pretty historic town with views on Monte Grappa to the east. From Arsiero (40km) the ascent to the Forcella Valbona (1782m) after which the Monte Bondone looms in a distance.

For day 19 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Village Lago Arsiè (8.0 score / 437 Reviews) which rents superb safari tents in a mountainous scenery.

Stage 18 | Thursday 28 May | Pinzolo – Merano – Silandro – Bormio - Laghi di Cancano | 209km

Stelvio day! Who wins the Cima Coppi? Hairpin after hairpin riders will conquer the Passo dello Stelvio (Stilfserjoch) on the Prato side with gradients not falling below 8%.  Earlier on the day the riders will have been able to get a glimpse of pretty mountain town Merano (Meran). Climbs today also include: Campo Carlo Magno, Passo Castrin (Hofmandjoch) and Torri di Fraele.

For day 20 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Kiefernhain (8.5 score / 279 Reviews) in Prato allo Stelvio (Prad a. Stilfserjoch).

Stage 19 | Friday 29 May | Morbegno – Como – Alessandria - Asti | 251km

Today on the agenda? The longest stage of this Giro. 251km to Asti in the Piemonte. Pretty flat, so one of the sprint canons (if their legs survived the Stelvio) might win this one. Crossing the Po Valley and sight-seeing Lake Como and the Monferrato.

For day 21 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping AlbaVillage (8.2 score / 205 Reviews) in Alba in the middle of the pretty Langhe area, often called the Tuscany of the north.

Stage 20 | Saturday 30 May | Alba – Bra – Montgenèvre - Sestriere | 200km

Another alpine test and with 5200 height meters another day that may decide who wins or fails. After some 80km the riders will be faced with a false plat that quickly ascents to 7% on the Colle dell’Agnello. This is where the Giro dips shortly into France (Parc Regional du Queyras) and re-enters Italy in Clavière. With ski lifts in the background (this is the famous Milky Way ski area) riders enter Sestriere.

For day 22 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping and Glamping Gran Bosco (9.0 score / 303 Reviews) in Salbertrand

Stage 21 | Sunday 31 May | Cernusco di Naviglio – Milan (individual time trial) | 16,5km

A flat individual time trial finishing in the centre of fashion town Milan ends the 2020 Giro d’Italia. For day 23 of the Giro d’Italia 2020 we recommend Camping Village Lago Maggiore (8.4 score / 401 Reviews) in Dormelletto.